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Scholar classes

Extra-mural scholar drama and musical theatre classes are offered for different school grades, giving students opportunities to work with other scholars from different schools and backgrounds; a necessary skill to use in the industry.

Individual tutorials, that are examinable internationally, are also offered in Speech & Drama and Musical Theatre. Scholar dance classes are offered in the afternoons on weekdays (Tuesdays - Thursdays), giving scholars an opportunity to pick up various styles of choreography whilst learning and developing of technique of the specific genre. Private classes are offered during the week as well.
(Singing classes and basic pianos lessons are also offered on a Saturday.)

  • Group Drama (All Grades)

  • Group Musical Theatre (Grade 8 - 12) 

  • Ballet / Contemporary

  • Tap Dance

  • Modern / Jazz Dance

  • Hip Hop

  • Speech and Drama Tutorials

  • Musical Theatre Singing Tutorials

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